State Qualifying

The Kansas State High School Activities Association determines state qualifying standards for swimming and diving. The standards are reviewed and revised annually.

There are two swimming standards:

Qualification Times
Swimmers meeting the qualification time are automatically eligible to swim in that event at the state swim meet.
Consideration Times
Swimmers meeting the consideration time are, effectively, alternates. Swimmers achieving consideration times will be added, ranked by time, to ensure full heats for the preliminaries, if the total number of qualified swimmers entered in the event results in fewer than 8 in a heat. Thus, the maximum number of swimmers achieving consideration times that may swim in the state meet will never exceed 7 in any single event.

In general, KSHSAA aims to have 3 or 4 heats of each event for state preliminaries, or 24-32 total swimmers. So, for example, if only 27 swimmers have qualified and entered the event, that leaves 5 spots to be filled by those meeting the consideration times.

More information is available at KSHAA Swimming.

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